NEW YORK, January 12, 2018 – OFI Global, a leading global asset manager, announced that Rajeev Bhaman, CFA and John Delano, CFA, portfolio managers of Oppenheimer Global Fund (OPPAX), have been nominated for Morningstar's 2017 International Stock Fund Manager of the Year award. Each year Morningstar nominates and awards managers who have delivered strong performance, demonstrated excellent long-term, risk-adjusted returns and have been exemplary stewards of shareholders' capital.

Rajeev Bhaman, CFA, Director of Global Equities, has 28 years of industry experience and has been with OFI Global for 21 years. In 1996, Bhaman launched Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund and successfully managed the strategy for eight years. He transitioned to Oppenheimer Global Fund in 2004 and has been managing the strategy for 13 years.

John Delano, CFA, has 19 years of industry experience and has been with OFI Global for 10 years. Delano has made significant contributions to Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund’s long-term success for over six years as a senior analyst and was elevated to co-portfolio manager in March 2017.

"This nomination is a testament to Rajeev and John's excellent long-term investment prowess and aligning their interests with shareholders,” said Krishna Memani, CIO, OFI Global. “The team has had much success by owning global beneficiaries of structural growth, buying quality companies at attractive entry prices, investing with a long-term horizon and having the courage to differ from the consensus to benefit investors. Their independent judgment and disciplined investment process have allowed them to outperform many of their peers in this space.”

Pioneers in global investing since 1969, OFI Global’s Global Equity Team has focused on structural changes occurring throughout the world, identifying the industries and companies which are best positioned to benefit. The team identifies long-term, powerful demographic and economic shifts that serve to provide tailwinds to sustain cash flow and earnings growth for the next decade. In managing Oppenheimer Global Fund, Bhaman and Delano use a bottom-up fundamental investment approach to identify exceptional businesses with durable earnings growth, sustainable competitive advantages, strong management and high return on capital. The result is a high-conviction, diversified, low turnover portfolio where sector and country exposures are a byproduct of stock selection.

Morningstar plans to announce its 2017 International Stock Fund Manager of the Year award winners on Jan. 24 live on CNBC's "Power Lunch" program. Established in 1988, the award recognizes portfolio

managers who demonstrate excellent investment skill and the courage to differ from the consensus to benefit investors. The Fund Manager of the Year award winners are chosen based on research and in- depth qualitative evaluation by Morningstar's Manager Research Group. To qualify for the award, managers' funds must have not only posted impressive returns for the year, but the managers also must have a record of delivering outstanding long-term risk-adjusted performance and of aligning their interests with shareholders'. Managers' funds must currently have a Morningstar Analyst RatingTM of Gold or Silver.


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