NEWYORK, March 28, 2016 — Friday, March 25, marked the 20th anniversary of OFI Global’s International Growth strategy, which has been managed by George Evans, CFA, since inception. Over Evans’s tenure, the strategy ranks in the top 25th percentile in eVestment’s MSCIACWI ex-US Large Cap Growth Equity Peer Group.1

In 2012, Robert Dunphy, CFA, joined Evans as Co-Portfolio Manager of the strategy after spending eight years as an analyst on the portfolio. Evans and Dunphy take a bottom-up approach, seeking high quality companies that are exposed to, and able to monetize durable, secular growth trends. They are patient, long-term investors focused on identifying companies that can sustain relatively high returns on invested capital and that are trading at attractive valuations.

“While the world has changed drastically over the past two decades, George’s investment philosophy remains focused on the long term,” said Krishna Memani, Chief Investment Officer. “George has managed OFI Global’s International Growth strategy through 20 years of major historic events and various market environments. By maintaining focus on a company’s long-term value creation ability rather than short-term price movements, he has delivered impressive long-term results.”

“Companies can create enormous wealth when they provide value for customers, execute their strategies well, and deploy capital wisely,” said George Evans, CIO, Equities, and Portfolio Manager of OFI Global’s International Growth strategy. “Long-term investing is all about identifying such companies, assessing the right price at which to buy their stock, and investing with conviction—regardless of the fickle sentiments of the moment, or the broader prospects of an industry or economy in the short term.”

1As of 12/31/15, the OFI International Growth strategy over 1-year was 14th percentile out of 37 strategies, 5-year was 9th percentile out of 33 strategies and 10-year was 10th percentile out of 21 strategies within the eVestment MSCIACWI ex-US Large Cap Growth Equity Peer Group.