Many investors are wondering how recent developments in global markets might affect their portfolios and asking about possible allocations to international assets that may leave them better positioned in the current environment.

Based on the feedback we are getting from investors, the 11 most commonly asked questions are:

  1. How much international exposure should I have?
  2. Did I miss the rally in emerging market (EM) stocks?
  3. When should I get out of EM stocks?
  4. Are all EM countries made equal, or should I be selective?
  5. Are U.S. tariffs and trade wars bad for EM company revenues?
  6. Is U.S. dollar strength a headwind for EM stocks?
  7. Is euro strength good or bad for Eurozone stocks?
  8. What do negative economic surprises mean for Eurozone stocks?
  9. Are U.S. stocks cheap or rich?
  10. Why aren’t U.S. stocks doing better alongside strong earnings growth?
  11. What’s the domestic play on the global growth theme?

OppenheimerFunds Equity Strategist Talley Léger addresses each of these questions and offers our latest analysis in the accompanying piece.

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