The SNW Team

We deliver high-quality, tax-efficient fixed income solutions through separately managed accounts.

Our Approach Is Based On Exceptional Client Service

Broad Investment Capabilities

Within OFIGlobal1, the SNW investment team offers a full investment-grade fixed income solution. We actively manage approximately $2.7 billion in assets in more than 1,800 separately managed accounts.

A Focus on Quality

We manage portfolios with a focus on delivering consistency, low relative volatility, and risk-adjusted outperformance through after-tax total returns.

Tailored Portfolio Management

Our strategies can be personalized at inception to meet tax, volatility, liquidity, and impact objectives. We have a unique ability to account for an individual investor’s state of residence and tax bracket.

Impact Portfolios

Impact investment options allow clients to align their mission with their portfolios and are available for each strategy.

Exceptional Client Support

Our collaborative investment culture relies on constant communication between team members. This focus on communication extends to the partnerships we create with advisors.

1. OFI Global Institutional, Inc., is a subsidiary of OppenheimerFunds, Inc.
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We Adapt Your Investment To Suit Your Personal Needs

Select an investment strategy and add a portfolio duration to have control over your investment. You can further customize your solution by adjusting for your situation and impact strategy.

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Core Investment Capabilities

Our risk-managed strategies are rooted in fundamental and quantitative research and offer exposure across investment-grade bond markets. Market opportunities drive sector and security selection.

SNW Municipal

The SNW Municipal Strategy provides broad exposure to the investment-grade municipal bond market. It is appropriate for investors in a high tax bracket.

SNW Blend

The SNW Blend Strategy provides broad exposure to the investment-grade bond market. It is appropriate for investors in a mid-level federal tax bracket or for investors who reside in a state with no income tax. Represented sectors include tax-free and taxable municipals, corporates, Treasuries, government agencies, and government mortgage-backed securities. The strategy seeks out opportunities for after-tax yield and relative value among sectors.

SNW Taxable

The SNW Taxable Strategy provides broad exposure to the investment-grade taxable market. The strategy is appropriate for tax-advantaged accounts or investors in a low tax bracket. Represented sectors include Treasuries, government agencies, corporates, government mortgage-backed securities, and taxable municipals.

SNW Credit

The SNW Credit Strategy provides exposure to certain credit sectors of the investment-grade taxable bond market. The strategy is appropriate for investors willing to take credit risk and includes corporates and taxable municipal bonds.

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Portfolio Durations

Research demonstrates the difficulty in consistently predicting the direction and level of interest rates. We tailor portfolio duration to client objectives and manage it within tight bands of the benchmark.

Ultra Short

The Ultra Short Duration Strategy exhibits minimal sensitivity to changes in interest rates. It has a weighted average portfolio duration of .5 years to 1.5 years, and maximum individual bond maturities of 3 years.


The Short Duration Strategy exhibits limited sensitivity to changes in interest rates. It has a weighted average portfolio duration of 2 years to 3 years, and maximum individual bond maturities of 7 years.


The Intermediate Duration Strategy exhibits moderate sensitivity to changes in interest rate. It has a weighted average portfolio duration of 3.5 years to 4.5 years, and maximum individual bond maturities of 12 years.


The Long Duration Strategy exhibits extensive sensitivity to changes in interest rates. It has a weighted average portfolio duration of 5 years to 8 years, and no limitation on individual bond maturities.

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Impact Investing

Impact strategies include only securities that have passed a rigorous credit screening and are highly rated within our proprietary impact methodology.

General Impact

The General Impact Strategy takes a broad spectrum approach to impact investing, where assets are allocated to any available investment opportunity with impact potential. This includes impact opportunities related to the environment, education, housing, healthcare, social improvement, energy efficiency, and infrastructure improvements.

Educational Focus

The Educational Focus invests in opportunities that both expand access to education and contribute to the improvement of educational achievement. Primary and secondary education programs, adult education, continuing education, skills training, and other similar opportunities will be included. This approach will not invest in for-profit education providers.

Environmental Issues Focus

The Environmental Issues Focus identifies investment opportunities with high potential positive impact in areas such as land, water, and energy conservation, and seeks opportunities with good climate change profiles and low overall environmental impact. This approach will emphasize low carbon investment opportunities and is, by design, free of fossil fuel reserve owners.

Gender Equity Focus

The Gender Equity Focus identifies investment opportunities using governance criteria such as women's representation in leadership and senior management roles, including an evaluation of the number of board seats held by women and whether the board chair is female. Investment opportunities providing dedicated capital access programs, healthcare services, and educational opportunities for women will be preferred. The Gender Equity Focus may periodically emphasize particular industries, sectors, or regions as a way to leverage assets for increased impact.

An Experienced Team

SNW’s veteran team of portfolio managers, analysts, and traders averages 16 years of investment experience and operates within a collaborative environment that encourages all team members to contribute ideas. Two senior portfolio managers oversee all aspects of the investment process, including credit analysis, trading, and risk management.

Bw eddie bernhardt large thumb
Eddie Bernhardt:
SNW Investment Team Leader, Senior Portfolio Manager
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Tim Benzel:
Senior Portfolio Manager
Bw ken frey large thumb
Ken Frey:
Corporate Credit Analyst
Bw sarrah mcfadden large thumb
Sarrah McFadden :
Municipal Credit Analyst
Bw jordan mixsell large thumb
Jordan Mixsell:
Bw david richardson large thumb
David Richardson:
Client Portfolio Manager
Bw mark stockwell large thumb
Mark Stockwell:
Municipal Credit Analyst
Bw galen true large thumb
Galen True:
Municipal Trader
Bw glen k yelton large thumb
Glen K. Yelton:
ESG and Impact Research Analyst

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